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01/03/201121pro links a Clients Legacy System to SMS
01/11/2010New Client takes on 21pro
22/12/2009CCTVforCars is launched
01/07/2009Systems Support and Project Management
01/06/2009CCTVOL is launched, to supply small CCTV kits to the retail sector
01/11/200821pro CCTV setup
10/02/2008BabyOL is launched
01/08/2007Radiographers Agency
01/05/2007Working with iViewCameras Major Accounts Relationship Manager
20/04/2007Working with iViewCameras as Projects Manager
21/02/2007TiesOL welcomes a new Supplier - HLA
20/02/200721itc work with a TV Producer
22/11/2006Gifts OL is launched
20/10/2006Jewellery OL is launched with 100 individual items.
01/10/2006TiesOL is launched with 100 ties and 30 pairs off Cufflinks
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