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21itc is the part of a group of several website operations

Each website is an on-line retail business, fully owned and controlled by 21pro

The company is rolling out several new websites per year

Each site is aimed at the individual shopper who wants value for money and ease of buying

The buying experience should be simple and fast, allowing users more time to pursue other interests

That is the aim of the Group

Go to TiesOL The site comprises a large number of quality silk ties, bow ties, cufflinks and studs.
  For 2009 we have added some new Silk Tie and Cufflink Gift Sets.
  • 100% Silk Ties
  • Over 200 Silk Ties in a variety of styles and colours
  • Woven Silk Ties from £10 including UK delivery
  • Cufflinks Hallmarked - rhodium and sterling silver
  • Designer - from top quality designers
  •   Silk Tie Gift SetSilk Ties and Cufflinks Gift SetsWoven Silk TiesSilk Tie, Cufflink and Handkerchief Gift Set
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